Friday, August 12, 2011


This is another image from the STEVE THE SUPER HERO music video. I kept putting off animating this shot because I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted these BAD GUYS to be doing. I had a lot of elaborate ideas, but they were all too time consuming and I was beginning to run out of time for working on the video.
Then along comes the film, DREAMGIRLS. I had never seen it before - but when I saw this sequence I thought “Hey! That’s what I need for the BAD GUYS”, – so I created a simple cycle for the BAD GUYS, trying to give them a little bit of “Dreamgirls” mixed with a little “HEY! SOMETHING REALLY STINKS!” … So this is what I came up with….
This is a pencil test from the shot.


  1. lovely stuff!

    I'm guessing you won't have to talk to your self for much longer ;-)

  2. Whoa! Great stuff. Wonderful video. I just saw the finished video. Is amazing. What software you used to color/compose it?

  3. Saw your film posted on Cartoon Brew this morning. So nice to see some real cartoon animation ! Funny stuff.

    I appreciate hearing about the production process and seeing pencil tests. Hope you'll post more.

  4. Rad, rad RAD!!!! Favorite animator at the moment! Great work sir!

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments!

    @ León Animation Studio – Everything is pencil on paper then I use Animo for scan, paint and composite.

    @ Mr.David Nethery – Yes, definitely plan on posting more pencil tests and any other process stuff I can dig up.