Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello out there! ….Any one???

Welcome to my new blog!

My background is traditional animation ….I love animating pencil on paper. I hope to post projects here through the various stages on development. I am a self taught animator and divide my time between various commercial projects and my ever growing list of independent productions which are in various stages of …well… non-completion.

I will start things off with this illustration. He is a character I designed and hope to use for an up coming project. Sort of a mafia character. I seem to have a lot of mafia characters show up in my work….this will become evident as I post more stuff.


  1. Hi Jason! After reading about you in cartoonbrew and enjoying your music video you must be shure than now, we're here and we're watching...and reading :-)

    Daniel Ruiz

  2. Hello Daniel are you the voice in my head?

  3. Hi Jason! Just came back to see if there was anything new in your blog and happily found your comment.
    The answer is no. But if I ever get the super power of being a voice in someone elses head you'll be the first to know :-)
    I like your blog, makes me want to start mine. If I do, I will invite you to see it.

    Daniel Ruiz
    Hermosillo —small, isolated city in the desert of Mexico.
    Graphic designer-Animator
    My short film:

  4. Welcome back Daniel!

    Thanks, I'll check out your film.