Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is it Blogging or talking to yourself?

As I reflect on starting a blog and the importance of getting irrelevant information across to my readers in an effective dialogue, I have become aware that no one reads my blog – That’s ok - Really! In fact this is key for me in my groundbreaking blog strategy. You see over the past years I have noticed some of my best conversations have been with myself. So this blogging to no one will definitely put me in my best element for meaningful conversation and writing. Another important point is that I have a natural and keen interest in my own animation so I will naturally be a great audience.

Update: At the time of this posting I have gained a single subscriber. I may no longer be talking to myself. However, I will still tackle this blog in the same sort of talking to myself blog vacuum.


  1. I like to think of blogging as mainly talking to myself, but occasionally someone peeks into your brain and has a rummage around.

    I think you lose something when you try and write to an audience. It took me nearly 5 years of blogging to realise that though.

    I love the blog so far and look forward to rummaging around some more :)

  2. Thanks again Claire - come back often!