Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Animatic - Steve the Super Hero

A little rough in spots, and includes some tests for things that never made it into the final video.

Monday, August 22, 2011


As promised …more from the process.

Originally, I had Eric (the singer) as a floating head. I thought this would have been pretty funny. Also, creating walk cycles for a floating head is incredibly easy. I always throw this idea in mix when discussing a project with a new client - telling them it looks “magical …you know like Harry Potter”. However, the consensus was to give Eric a body. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Steve the Super Hero - music video

Just adding STEVE THE SUPER HERO to the blog. Also, here is a link to the post on JERRY BECK's & AMID AMIDI's Cartoon brew. HERE.

Music by Eric Herman

Friday, August 12, 2011


This is another image from the STEVE THE SUPER HERO music video. I kept putting off animating this shot because I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted these BAD GUYS to be doing. I had a lot of elaborate ideas, but they were all too time consuming and I was beginning to run out of time for working on the video.
Then along comes the film, DREAMGIRLS. I had never seen it before - but when I saw this sequence I thought “Hey! That’s what I need for the BAD GUYS”, – so I created a simple cycle for the BAD GUYS, trying to give them a little bit of “Dreamgirls” mixed with a little “HEY! SOMETHING REALLY STINKS!” … So this is what I came up with….
This is a pencil test from the shot.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Character Design - Finding a character

Here is a character I created for a children's video called STEVE THE SUPER HERO. ( I’ll post the video later in the week )

The first image is a rough pencil sketch the other images are from the final video.

I had done a lot of sketches before finally drawing this one. It seemed well suited for the video and would be fun to animate. I do a lot of drawings….most of them CRAP! ….some not as much…before I eventually settle on a design for a character.

There is a lot of fun and life in the pencil sketch - I think the biggest challenge is not losing that with a clean line and colour.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is it Blogging or talking to yourself?

As I reflect on starting a blog and the importance of getting irrelevant information across to my readers in an effective dialogue, I have become aware that no one reads my blog – That’s ok - Really! In fact this is key for me in my groundbreaking blog strategy. You see over the past years I have noticed some of my best conversations have been with myself. So this blogging to no one will definitely put me in my best element for meaningful conversation and writing. Another important point is that I have a natural and keen interest in my own animation so I will naturally be a great audience.

Update: At the time of this posting I have gained a single subscriber. I may no longer be talking to myself. However, I will still tackle this blog in the same sort of talking to myself blog vacuum.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello out there! ….Any one???

Welcome to my new blog!

My background is traditional animation ….I love animating pencil on paper. I hope to post projects here through the various stages on development. I am a self taught animator and divide my time between various commercial projects and my ever growing list of independent productions which are in various stages of …well… non-completion.

I will start things off with this illustration. He is a character I designed and hope to use for an up coming project. Sort of a mafia character. I seem to have a lot of mafia characters show up in my work….this will become evident as I post more stuff.