Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wine Commercial - Layout

 These are some process images from a new commercial.
 This is my initial concept sketch of the shot. At first I wanted to have a giant  "Middle Man" in the center of the page who would grab these huge dollar bills from the customer, eat them, and spit out some small change at the winemaker. Once I began layout of the shot, I realized I wouldn't have the time needed to animate the shot in that way. So, I decided to go with more of a crowd scene to represent the "Middle Man". I figured it would be less complex to animate, and would illustrate the point just as effectively.

Below is the shot developing from a rough sketch to the final image.

When I create a crowd scene, when possible ...given the time ...I like to make sure it is made up of a variety of characters. Different faces and body types.

Background Sketch

Final Image

Linetest progression.


  1. Very nice, Jay. I love your middle men drawing(s), especially the guy right in front. How did you achieve the vineyard? Did you paint it, or did you manipulate a photograph in Photoshop? Or both? It's hard to tell. Looks great, though!

  2. Thanks Chris. The vineyard is a little of everything – a photo from the client, along with some painting and textures. I’ll post another of the backgrounds in a few days – it’s a complete painting (digital) that I had a lot of fun doing.

  3. Hi Jason thanks so much for your comment.
    the latest designs were all done in photoshop. i mainly animate in the tradition way using flash but i also animate on paper but not as often as i would like due to a lack of a line tester-need to work out how to build my own.
    i love your work, especially steve super hero.
    please keep stopping by my blog your feedback is most welcome.

  4. Hey Jason
    Beautiful art work! I am originally a 'Pegger. I miss that place! Maybe we can work together one day :)
    Great seeing your work!
    (you can take a peek at my work over at as well as
    Take it easy!